Healthy teachers are

happy teachers. 

It's time.

Your health is too important to cast aside in your busy teacher/family life. I'd love to send you a FREE gift to get you started! The Fit & Healthy Teacher Grocery Shopping Companion includes:

  • a list of my favorite (delicious!) clean eating snacks
  • a list of foods to eliminate when getting healthy
  • a categorized clean-eating grocery store shopping list
  • meal ideas for busy teachers

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Hey! I'm Lara, creator of this little happy planet, Fit & Healthy Teacher.

I am a 3rd grade teacher who loves my job and was tired of feeling fatigued and drained, reaching for a bottom drawer sugar bomb at 4:00 p.m. Years ago,  I figured out a way to get fit, eat well, and improve my overall mood with easy-to-follow steps and an impressive list of accumulated resources. I’ve maintained my weight and overall health for fifteen years and I’m excited to help other teachers do the same. I'm on a mission! I'd like to inspire as many teachers as I can to get healthy so they can be at their absolute best for their families, students, colleagues and community. You can do this! Let me help.


" Lara has a way of getting to the heart of the matter when it comes to taking on the health quest. Her humor and candor are refreshing in the world of fitness and health information. I was able to implement the changes and see a huge difference in my health! Thank you, Lara, for providing an excellent resource with heart. "


" I loved this book! It gave me easy steps to take charge of my health. I've been so sad for so long about stalling with an exercise plan. Lara made me feel like I could get the ball rolling on having a healthy body. I'm so glad I found you, Lara!"


Stephanie Dallas

Jill Clemson

4th grade teacher

2nd grade teacher

Get the book! 

I would love to be your cheerleader on your journey to 

good health & fitness.

When you decide you're ready to get serious about your health, this book will walk you through every step you'll need to take. No worries if you haven't had an exercise plan for decades. I can help you get off the couch with the sensitivity of a good friend. All of my nutrition and food secrets are revealed in these pages. I've been there and I want you, fellow teacher, to be healthy and happy!